How Chiropractic Care Can Help After An Motor Vehicle Accident


Chiropractic Care After Motor Vehicle Accidents

Chiropractic Care After Motor Vehicle Accidents | VancouverChiropractorInfo.comIt’s a bright sunny day, and you are casually driving along the same road you always do. The light turns red at the intersection, and you slow down and come to a stop. All of a sudden, Bam! Someone can’t stop in time and hits you from behind. The force of the impact sends your head back, and your neck snaps back into the headrest. Your blood starts immediately pumping through your body, and you tell yourself that you are okay. Now you get out of the car and have to deal with the other driver and of course your insurance company to try to get your car fixed.

Months down the road you start to feel a lot more pain in your neck, back, and shoulders when you wake up in the morning, and you don’t know why. You haven’t done anything recently that would have caused it. You soon come to realize that this pain is due to your car accident that happened months ago. This situation happens to people more often than not, and the pain can be a real and a scary thing. Hope is not all lost as seeing a Chiropractor is something that helps get your body fixed up and back to being strong and healthy.

What Happens To Your Body After A Vehicle Accident

The unfortunate part of getting into any vehicle accident goes beyond the fact that now you have to worry about getting your car fixed. It’s the fact that you may not feel your injuries for weeks or months to come. Often right after you experience trauma, you may feel quite okay, and you may just end up with a few nicks and scratches. This can be thanks to all of the burst of adrenaline that gets pumped into your body.

Months down the road, however, you end up finding yourself waking up one day and experiencing a poor aching back or neck. You fail to realize what is causing your new found pain and what originally caused it.

Can Chiropractic Care Work For Car Injuries?

Visiting a chiropractor right after a motor vehicle accident can often be your best chance at minimizing any damage while allowing your body to get back to optimal health. The care you get from a chiropractor can help you to straighten the spine, which can help alleviate any pain in the future. So you will feel pain even if there is just one vertebra that has shifted and is out of place. This can be very painful, so seeking professional treatment becomes an urgent matter. Getting chiropractic care quickly becomes more evident when you consider that there may be soft tissue tears in your body, and the good thing is that surgery may often not be needed.


Motor vehicle accidents are not a fun experience by any means. In minor accidents, you can start to feel pain right away, or even weeks and months later. The best thing to do no matter how much pain you are in initially after the accident is to seek chiropratic care right away. If you visit your chiropractor, they will be able to identify any misalignments that you haven’t even felt yet. They can then get you adjusted so to avoid any future pain down the road. Even through vehicle accidents are a scary thing, getting quick treatment can help you get you back on your way.

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January 23, 2017 |

2 thoughts on “How Chiropractic Care Can Help After An Motor Vehicle Accident

  1. Back pain often gets overlooked in car accidents. A few of my patients waited weeks before getting back help after an accident and made it more difficult to recover. Thank you for sharing

    • chiroteck says:

      Hi Chiropractor Pasadena, thank you for your insight on how insidious car accidents can be, re: back and soft tissue injuries. Regards, Phil

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